Social Security is not fixed income. You can boost your retirement benefits! Social Security considers your highest 35 years of income, zeros are included for years without earnings. If you have zeros in your work history it may make sense to work longer in order to replace those zeros. Claiming Social Security while working may be a smart thing to do! One may claim Social Security, work, and later have their Social Security payments re-calculated after going through the “earnings test”. Many people change their minds about claiming Social Security after already receiving it. No worries, you can still suspend your benefits utilizing form SSA-521; speak to a professional first as this affect funds you’ve already received and may affect anyone else on your work record. Remember one of the easiest things to do is simply delay claiming your Social Security. For every year between reaching full retirement and age 70 there is an 8% increase in your lifetime payout. Be mindful that if Social Security is your only source of income, it cannot be taxed. As soon as other taxable income ensues, your Social Security may be taxed! There are many ways to maneuver in minimizing taxes, speak to a professional for your current situation and planning for the future.