Start retirement planning early nothing is quite as impactful in your life as compound interest! Avoid taking loans and early withdrawals; switching jobs is one of the most tempting times in which to access your retirement accounts early, do not do it! Put the money into a financial vehicle without tax or penalty burdens attached. Loans and early withdrawals deplete your savings and neutralize compound growth, it is a definitive step backwards. Save in an appropriate manner given your age. Crypto is all the rage and we get it you know someone who has become a millionaire due to crypto but is it right for you? Speak to a professional and make sure your risk management matches YOUR situation as we assume you are planning for yourself and not someone else. Never give up because you feel as though it is too late. Warren Buffett says to go to bed a little smarter than night before, compounded interest in learning. Do something better geared towards your retirement than the day before regardless of where you are currently in life. Contribute enough towards retirement earn your company’s match. There is nothing quite as friendly to the investor as a match that is 100% returns on your investment immediately. Consider diversifying after reaching your match speak to a professional to receive their input. Consider saving in a Roth retirement account. The average American’s retirement is based on a deferred tax accounts. Every penny that they bring out from these deferred accounts during retirement will add to their tax bill. Funds that are not going to be subject to taxation may be your game changer!