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Your Legacy Our Priority

You don’t need a STRANGER to come out and insure you.

Our goal is to keep your home life private by limiting the foot traffic.

The most we have to do is talk to you on the phone but majority of the time it is all by email.
Easy underwriting with no physicals

Affordable plans starting as low as 10 dollars a month.
No cookie cutter plans here, all plans are customized per person.

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Our Features
We offer a wide range of protection.

Our Promise

To get you coverage for a reasonable price without any hassles.

We guarantee fast and discrete handling of all your business tasks. Our team of highly qualified employees is available day and night – because your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Give us a call or email and tell us what you are looking for. We are happy to assist you with any requests you may have.

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What we offer

You can count on us in ever respect


No need for an agent to come out to your house

Hassle Free

No visits from nurses to draw blood or talk urine, at the most a simple phone interview with a decision instantly to days once submitted

No Cookie Cutter Price

No two people are the same which is why we customize each policy per person


You have enough to worry about then a payment, most first payments are due 30-45 days after application is submitted.

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